Ontdek de limited retro verpakkingen.

We have always had our own way of doing things at PALM Belgian Craft Brewers. Over the years, we have often fought against the conventional, the straightforward and the mainstream. That’s why we stubbornly persisted in brewing top fermentation beers and in upholding the tradition of the Spéciale Belge beer type.
This unconventional, unique side of our character has also found expression in the bottles at PALM.

In order to celebrate our rich history and to highlight our distinctive, authentic character, we are now bringing out a temporary range of bottles and cans in four different retro packaging styles. Exquisitely timeless!

Open een wereld van smaak

PALM Belgian Craft Brewers occupies a unique position in the beer landscape, as we are the only brewery group in the world to brew authentic Belgian beers using the four age-old fermentation methods on four historic brewery sites.

As family-owned, Belgian artisanal brewers, we want to continue to develop our passion for authentic, traditional Belgian beers and to share it with beer lovers across the world.

Would you like to discover our traditional Belgian beers?

Palm Hop Select Hopfeest slide
Palm hop Select - Hopfeest

The third annual PALM Craft Brewers Hop Harvest will take place on 28 August 2016. Do you want to take part in this special day? Then come and help out with the harvest in the Diepensteyn estate’s hop field in Steenhuffel! Or just come and enjoy the delicious beers and the tasty food available from the many different food trucks.

Brouwerij PALM and Brouwerij De Hoorn, both located in the village of Steenhuffel, will also be open to visitors throughout the day, and admission is free of charge!


Palm Spéciale Belge

The Spéciale Belge Ale beer style is a superior Belgian beer from the early 20th Century. This smooth, amber-coloured, top-fermentation beer has a moderate alcohol content. The special PALM malts give the beer a honey-tinged mellow flavour, while the specially selected PALM yeast provides a fruity fermentation aroma. Fine aromatic hops from Kent create a subtle harmony.


Top fermentation – Amber-coloured – Spéciale Belge Ale – Recognised regional product – 5.2% alcohol content

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Palm hop select

PALM Hop Select is a complex, yet balanced top-fermentation connoisseurs’ beer with a moderate alcohol content. Its individual hop aroma derives from the aromatic Hallertau Mittelfrüh hop variety. The carefully selected PALM yeast lends the beer its fruitiness, with hints of banana, while the special PALM malts provide subtle caramel notes. The beer is refermented in the bottle to ensure fine carbonation and a superb shelf life. PALM Hop Select undergoes hopping in three phases. Hops are first added at the start of the boiling process in order to produce a bitter flavour. The beer’s specific hop aroma derives from the Hallertau Mittelfrüh variety, which is used for the second addition of hops at the end of the boiling process as well as for the third addition during dry hopping. For this stage we use Hallertau Mittelfrüh from our own hop field.


Top fermentation – Copper-coloured (light amber) – Belgian hops – 6% alcohol content

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Palm Royale

This ‘old’ beer was christened PALM Royale (ROY-ALE) and was created in 2003 for the 90th birthday of PALM brewer Alfred Van Roy. His passion for the powerful fermentation fruitiness of his self-selected PALM yeast finds its perfect expression in PALM Royale: a beer fit for a king. It has a coppery colour with rich white foam and good lacing. The aroma is reminiscent of banana, while the flavour is full-bodied. The beer is slightly sweet thanks to the alcohol, but is also a little bitter and fruity.


Top fermentation – Refermented in the bottle – Copper-coloured (light amber) – 7.5% alcohol content

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Dobbel Palm

Dobbel PALM was launched in 1947 by master brewer Alfred Van Roy as an end-of-year festive beer to celebrate the brewery’s 200th anniversary. He sold it without a surcharge as a way to thank all of his loyal customers. The beer was so successful that Alfred made it into an annual tradition.

Dobbel PALM is a top-fermentation amber beer with an even stronger malty hop character than PALM. Dobbel PALM has an alcohol content of 5.7%, making it an ideal connoisseurs’ beer for the festive season.


Top fermentation – Amber-coloured – Spéciale Belge Ale – Recognised regional product – 5.7% alcohol content

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Palm N.A.

An alcohol-free beer that allows you to enjoy the harmony between the honey-sweet PALM malts and the fine Kentish aromatic hops.


Top fermentation – Amber-coloured – Alcohol-free ≤ 0.25% alcohol content

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Exquisitely timeless

The unique, unconventional character of PALM can be seen in its packaging over the years. In order to highlight this rich background and to celebrate our unique approach, we are now launching limited editions of packaging from the 1950s, 1970s and 1990s as well as the standard packaging from 2010.

Both the bottles and the 33cl and 55cl cans are now being released with this original look, meaning that, for a limited time only, you can enjoy our authentic Spéciale Belge with both your eyes and your taste buds.

Exquisitely timeless!

Come and enjoy this wonderful film!
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Palm icon hop

Our own hops

In October 2011, we planted our own hop field, with 800 Hallertau Mittelfrüh hop plants. Our first harvest was on 5 September 2012, and we used it to create the exquisite connoisseurs’ beer PALM Hop Select. Since then we have harvested the hops every year with the help of hundreds of beer lovers during the PALM Hop Select Hop Festival.

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We dedicate hundreds of hours to these specially cultivated hops, which we use exclusively for PALM Hop Select.

This beer undergoes hopping in three phases. Only when hops are added for the third time during the dry hopping phase do we use our home-grown Hallertau Mittelfrüh hops, making it our crowning glory! This is how PALM Hop Select gets its unique
herbal taste with a hint of citrus fruit.

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Palm icon brouwerij


The history of Brouwerij PALM goes back to 1747. Today, it is the only brewery group in the world to brew authentic Belgian beers on specialised historical sites using all fermentation methods: top, mixed, spontaneous and bottom fermentation.

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It’s no secret that we brew our beer using artisanal methods at PALM. That’s why we are delighted to open our doors to any beer lovers who want to take a look behind the scenes.

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