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Hop harvest 2016

On August 28th 2016 the 3rd hops harvest will take place at the hops field in Steenhuffel. Come and have a look & enjoy the delicious beers and foods at 1 of the many food trucks. Or give us a hand during the harvest! A truly unique experience. The hops field is ready to welcome you, from 10 to 17 o’clock.

Brouwerij PALM and Brouwerij De Hoorn, both located in the village of Steenhuffel, will also be open to visitors throughout the day, and admission is free of charge

On 28 August 2016, you can harvest between 10am and 5pm. The harvest will take place in shifts of 30 minutes. Pick your two preferred shifts. We will let you know in advance which shift you have been assigned to. Naturally, your help will be rewarded! You will receive three free delicious beers or three soft drinks and a meal of your choice from one of our food trucks. You can also enjoy a whole host of other activities scheduled during the hop harvest.

You can register for 1 to 8 people. Please make sure that only one person registers for each group.

Hop field address
Domein Diepensteyn
Diepensteyn 1, 1840 Steenhuffel, Belgium

Brouwerij PALM and Brouwerij De Hoorn address
Steenhuffeldorp 3, 1840 Steenhuffel, Belgium

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